Saturday, February 21, 2009


On Friday this week, Spencer dropped a toy down the drain in the laundry room. He did it at about 6am, before I was even awake, and he also went into the garage and retrieved everyone's scooters and brought them into the house. The kids then proceeded to ride the scooters around the basement accompanied by slamming doors and closets. Needless to say I woke up in a foul mood and I couldn't control my temper.

Later on in the day I went to the YMCA to let off some steam and a sign in the cardio room read "How do you live your life when nobody is watching?" or something similar. I don't know why it was this that spoke to me but I had a big realisation. In some ways I have been living my life in a kind of fog for the last six months. I have had flashes of what I'd call me but they have never lasted long. I've been consumed with worries stemming from our unexpected move and the financial concerns that have ensued. And with Dad passing away, I have neglected some of my interests and things that make me who I am. When I made some brownies for FHE the other week I realized that I hadn't made any in over six months. I have scrapbooked a few pages here and there, but I haven't written a word except on this blog. I've also been very sporadic at the gym. It's not felt the same since everyone who goes seems pretty serious about their fitness goals. I miss the friendships and social aspects that going to the gym in Ohio meant to me.

I am determined to work towards being better. I am going to be more patient with the kids and enjoy their amazing little personalities. I am going to spend time on my writing and on other creative projects. It's not easy but I'm going to try very hard to banish the worries and live life to the full. I love my Dad so I am going to try to lift the weight from off my chest.

Here are some pictures of the kids.

Today we took the kids to see Coraline in 3D. I have to say it was visually fantastic. The kids were enthralled. But I wish they had 3D specs that were more appropriate for little children's faces. Spencer and Nathan had a hard time keeping them on and they were uncomfortable. They looked cute in them however!

Monday through Wednesday this week Leia and Spencer were ill as you have already read with fevers and sore throats. On Wednesday, I thought Spencer and Leia could use a cool bath to make them feel a little better. Leia elected to take a shower but I put both the boys in our larger tub. They love it and this time was no exception. Spencer was happy to just sit and squirt Nathan while Nathan caused all the splashing and tidal waves. I love to see the boys enjoying each other's company. Their smiles helped brighten my very dull day.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

As if a stomach bug wasn't enough!

It's been a couple of days of blah. On Sunday afternoon, Leia developed a high fever, as did Spencer by Monday afternoon. So it's hang out in the house for us with plenty of Tylenol and Ibuprofen. They have complained of bad headaches and sore throats but they are the only other symptoms. They probably have tonsilitis as I have years of experience and recognise what's going on. The fever thing is just the worst though. Even when Leia has taken tylenol and ibuprofen, her fever doesn't seem to get below 99.7. Spencer's seems easier to control and he can't understand or will not understand why we aren't going anywhere or doing anything.
Yesterday, I thought Spencer seemed a little hot but at that point I hadn't taken his temperature. I had planned on taking the boys to the park. Leia was going to get in the backseat of the car and watch a movie wrapped in her afghan. I would then drive to the park with the boys riding their bikes alongside. We had barely been there for 10 minutes when Spencer was complaining about his throat and wanting to come back home (This would NEVER happen if he was feeling well). Sure enough he had a full blown fever. It still doesn't stop him from asking every few hours if we can go swimming or to the gym or some other activity.
I had a lot of plans for today. I was hoping they'd be feeling better but they both woke with 102 plus temperatures.
On Demand has saved my life today. They had Bedknobs and Broomsticks in the movies section and me and Leia cuddled up on the couch to watch it. This used to be one of my favorite movies as a kid and Leia really liked it too. She keeps trying to say the spell to turn someone into a rabbit for any of you who are familiar. But the boys weren't all that thrilled. Spencer kept complaining that the witch wasn't scary or wicked but the battle scene at the end drew a few laughs. Anything slapstick is just up Spencer's alley. I highly recommend it for your kids if they haven't seen it. Older kids though. 6+. Now they are watching Caspar. It seems to be entertaining which gives me the time to vent a little. I feel a little like a vampire stuck indoors until Gary gets home from work when I'll venture out to relieve my cabin fever tonight. The wind is howling around the house and we are very cosy but I think on the whole I'd prefer to be outside in the wind. It's more than 50 degrees outside so we could still get in some fresh air if everyone was tip top. Here's hoping tomorrow will be less of a rum old day. I hate seeing the kids with their hot cheeks, crying because their head hurts so much if they move. Knowing my luck Nathan will have a fever by tomorrow morning, or maybe I will.

Monday, February 16, 2009

The three degrees as my Dad nicknamed us!

How cute are we? My sister, the one in the middle, sent this to me recently for my background. I love this picture. I was blessed to have a very happy carefree childhood and this certainly says it all.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day

As requested by a good friend, here is a picture of Gary and I before we went out yesterday. It was his work winter gala and was way more fun than I imagined it would be. They hired a couple of professional dancers who performed a cha cha, tango, waltz, rumba, and a swing. I loved that. It was like being in the audience of Dancing with the Stars. The food was excellent and the people were fun to hang out with. They did lots of fun games and it wasn't at all stuffy. A great way to celebrate Valentines Day.

Leia took this picture so the angle isn't great but you get the idea.

Friday, February 13, 2009

2 hour delay

I would never wish for school to be cancelled but once in a while I really do enjoy a 2 hour delay. This morning I got up at 8.30 instead of 7. I made the kids pancakes for breakfast and then I got to lounge around while Leia watched TV she doesn't normally get to, which is a big treat for her. And because she was calm, it seemed to have a knock on effect with the boys. Spencer played and Nathan bounced between watching TV and watching Spencer play games. I even had time to make Leia's hair look a bit prettier than usual in token of Valentine's Day and I sprinkled some pink and red candy corns in her lunchbox. Of course I'm still wearing my sweats and pink fluffy slippers and it's going on 10.30am. But I am relaxed and will be ready to start the day once I get dressed. I think I may go to the mall with Nathan this afternoon. Gary and I are going out tomorrow night and I need to figure out how to do my hair. I am no good at that kind of thing. It's either straightened for church or pulled back in a pony or something. The event we are going to is posh, at a hotel downtown. I managed to get this great dress on sale for a ridiculous price. But as for my hair, I'm stumped. I've seen these things that twist your hair up in Claire's accessories but it's not really my thing. Are you supposed to do stuff that's not really you for black tie or can you just say forget it?
Here are a few shots I took the other day.

This was the way Leia dressed herself the other day. Can you tell she likes pink?

This is Nathan's favorite trick to entertain and impress. He mostly does it at dinnertime to distract us from the fact that he hasn't eaten anything. He looks straight ahead with his left eye and then crosses the right one. It's much more spectacular in real life and we've no idea how he came up with it.

As usual Leia and Nathan were more than happy to pose for me while Spencer showed zero interest.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Saturday stuff

Today we drove to the Denver Temple to familiarize ourselves with it's location and to visit the distribution center for some much needed items. It's pretty but not as pretty as Preston or Washington. We had a nice day together. The drive from Colorado Springs to Denver is lovely and spending the day with my favorite people is always great no matter what we do.

You can't really see them but Gary and the kids are on the steps.

These guys are such a blessing to us. I love them so much I can hardly stand it.

Someone must have said "Chow down"

Friday, February 6, 2009

I was bored this afternoon..........and so this happened.

It was kind of a test run to see what I could come up with. I think I'll make some for the book club meeting I'm hosting in a few weeks. And maybe some coconut brownies as well. As you might imagine, I'm pretty much gold in Gary's eyes right now. It'll be one of those evenings where I can stay on the couch while he grants my every wish. My favorite!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sick story

Leia got it. She showed me the exact place on the kitchen floor where she puked and Daddy had to clean it up in the middle of the night. Nathan got it a few days later. Before he went to bed he got out every toy he owned and helpfully spread them out over the carpet so when he leaned over the bed to let it rip, I not only had the carpet to clean but the toys too. And today I woke up to Spencer crying that he had puked in his bed. I'm very grateful that I made soup yesterday evening for dinner. The chunks collect in the seal around the door of my washer and I have to get them out. Is it finally over now?

Today when Spencer was feeling a little better and I was trying to get him to eat something, I asked him what he would like most in the whole world. He wanted hot chocolate bless him. And for once I got to cuddle with him. Now that's one part of it that I can live with!