Saturday, September 22, 2007

Hanging with the Hudsons

We had a great time this afternoon with our good friends the Hudsons. We went for a picnic and a bit of geocaching. Gary and Jon both have a similar sense of humor and so when they get together it is quite something! The kids all had a blast running around together and hunting for treasure. Oh to be the age when a plastic frog or tub of playdoh is precious and exciting!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Story time

Well, there is nothing like cooking a nice curry in the kitchen without any kids under foot because my wonderful husband is safely tucked away with the brood, reading them, by the sound of it, an EXTREMELY funny story. I just had to creep up there and sneak a quick pic. Other highlights of my day include Nathan opening his diaper in his crib this morning and throwing the contents around the room, and Spencer swimming a few yards completely unassisted during his swimming lesson today. We have been so lucky this time around. No one else signed up for the class but Spencer was allowed to continue anyway and so he has had one on one attention. He is coming along so well. It wasn't that long ago that Leia first swam on her own and now Spencer is doing it.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The trials and tribulations of Leia

Today when I picked Leia up from school there was a note in her bag from her teacher saying she had been inattentive, distracted and had been caught on the floor under the toilet stalls messing around. On top of that, she had told me yesterday that she liked this peach snack that I put in her lunch but when I gave her one today, she apparently took one bite only as it was splattered all over the inside of her lunchbox.
When we got home, I made the mistake of tackling the issues immediately and I shouldn't have. She is tired after school and not very responsive. She dissolved into tears and said "It's just not my lucky day" sob sob. She also insisted that she can't choose the right unless she is wearing her CTR necklace. So I had to try to explain to her that she is able to make her own choices no matter what she is wearing. On top of that we had to get her homework done amidst the craziness that is Spencer and Nathan horsing around with no supervision. (Gary is on a business trip).
I think we had a productive chat and hopefully with a good night's sleep, she will be ready to go back to school determined to be a good girl. Did I do these kinds of things when I was six? I really think not. Can anyone say "Daddy's genes"?

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Car wash

It's so great when Gary spends boy time with Spencer. He just lights up and loves the attention. Today the car needed a bath and while they gave one to the van, Spencer decided Daddy needed one too. After he had soaked Daddy, Daddy soaked Spencer. This didn't impress Spencer as much. At that time he announced "I'm done washing the car". So you can dish it out but you can't take it was Daddy's lament as they made their way in for some dry clothes!