Monday, March 31, 2008

For all you baby lovers......

Here's my gorgeous new nephew Max. His mummy is a total champ and we can't wait to meet him in a few months. At times like this I feel overwhelmed by how wonderful life is. And I don't think I am biased when I say that he has the cutest red hair I have ever seen!

Friday, March 21, 2008

It's a man's world around here!

For any of you who know Gary Asp, you'll understand how important motorcycles, namely Harley Davidsons are to him. When we met he had a blue sportster and during our engagement and the first two years of marriage we went everywhere on it. I was quite the biker chick if you can believe that. Well two years into our marriage we got pregnant with one of the crazies and as Gary was enlisted in the Air Force at the time we had very little money. Gary claims that when we sold the bike I promised him faithfully that in better times we could buy another one. Why these things have to be on my shoulders is beyond me.

Well we've been experiencing the better times for a few years now but a lot of things have gotten in the way. Two more crazies showed up and there has been pre-school to pay for, minivans to buy, vacations to go on, and all of those things. I must also admit to being a little hesitant to jump back in the saddle. We now have three little people to support and keep safe as well as the fact that every Harley rider I meet has a certain image which is nothing like Gary or I. However, I recently made Gary significantly increase his life insurance which has helped my anxiety a little, and he has also tried to convince me that clean shaven men in business suits also ride Harleys. Where these people are is beyond me! I think I've resigned myself to the fact that eventually Gary may end up looking like a member of ZZ top!

So a shiny new bike is now in the garage. It is another sportster but bigger with a Black Cherry Pearl finish. When it arrived this morning, the children were so excited and this is one of the things that I am apprehensive over. I don't want them getting burned by hot pipes or nagging me endlessly for rides. Of course you know it will be me they'll beg and not Daddy. He'll just refer them to me.

But you know I am actually quite excited about it too. Gary took me for a ride around the block and it just brought back a rush of very good memories. Sitting there behind my man with the wind in my face. I even have a very cute helmet picked out. It's a 3/4 style in white with flowers on it. I debated with myself between that one and another one in hot pink. It's been an extremely tough decision. But that's life when you have a biker for a hubby. Now I am on the lookout for the perfect leather jacket. I'm not fond of leather it has to be said so it's going to take a very special jacket to capture my heart. Of course I documented the event in pictures for your viewing pleasure.

The kids couldn't wait to get on it. Here they are before we even unloaded it

Unloading it to a captive audience

This is one VERY excited Gary

This is Nathan's face as Gary drove off on the bike. The bike is extremely loud and in his little three year old head, I think he thought Daddy was being kidnapped by a big bad monster or maybe that he was leaving us all in the dust!

Watching for Daddy to return. You could seriously hear the engine even though he was several streets over. Bring on being woken at 6.30am by that sucker!

Here's a close-up.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Art Contest

Yesterday when Leia got home from school, she was so excited. She has won the first round of an art contest. I don't know much about the contest but she had to draw a bird or something. She also mentioned there was a tree in the picture. Anyway, Leia was acting like it was Christmas. "This is my first trophy ever", she kept saying. She has wanted to "win" something for a long time. It makes me wonder where the competitive spirit comes from. I know I always wanted to do well in school and I held myself to a high standard but I've never been big into competing. A while ago she asked me about gymnastics because she wanted to win a trophy. This has definitely satisfied an urge she has had. And now the picture is going to be displayed from April - June at Aullwood Audubon Center wherever that may be. One thing is for sure and that is that both Gary and I are creative types so the art part is no surprise to me!
Well done Leia!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Home church

As church was cancelled today, we decided to have church at home. You would have thought that we had suggested going to a theme park or something. The kids were so excited. We all got dressed in our Sunday best and headed into the library. I had some prelude music on. We sang three primary songs, Leia read us some scriptures and gave her testimony which she had prepared last night in bed, Daddy gave us a talk and both Leia and Spencer said one prayer each. Then we headed out to the table to do a coloring sheet and a craft that I had prepared. The whole thing was a raging success. And it was better than a treat!

Here are my favorite people all dressed up with nowhere to go. Daddy let the boys wear one of his ties. What fun!

Nathan proudly displaying his coloring sheet

The craft we made. It is two children standing in front of a silhouette of Jesus to remind them to act in the way they would if Jesus were standing next to them all the time.

Winter fun

Let's go sledding


That was fun!

Back up to the top


Just one more time


Saturday, March 8, 2008


Good things about today:

Snuggling up in the most comfy chair in the world in my library reading a good book while Nathan napped and Spencer and Leia played a board game.

Gary bringing me breakfast in bed (a veggie omelet and toast)

The company of my whole family all day long

The look of delight on Leia's face as she realised just how deep the snow actually was

Chili cooked all day in the crock pot

A slippery ride to Blockbuster to get movies for the kids

Deciding to have "family church" at home tomorrow since church is cancelled and having Leia
announce that she wants to bear her testimony

Not so good things about today:

Cabin fever

Popcorn kernals all over the house

Verdict: An excellent day!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I love you Nathan!

Click to play Happy Birthday Nathan
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I love this song. It completely expresses how I feel about all my children. I decided to celebrate Nathan today as he just had his birthday. So please indulge me. Making this slideshow made me very happy!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Longing for summer

Today the temperature got to 65 degrees Fahrenheit which is 18 degrees Celsius. It was so wonderful. The boys played outside and loved it. They didn't want to come inside and when it was time to have lunch they sat facing out into the garden, not wanting to miss a minute! Hopefully this will sustain us when the freezing rain arrives sometime in the next day or two!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Three years ago today.......

.........I was recovering after giving birth to our wonderful third baby, Nathan. He was so tiny and perfect. I remember looking at him and loving him with my whole soul from the first minute. Three years later and he is still my adorable and ever excitable baby. He is so full of joy each and every day and this is such a blessing.

Here are some pictures from the birthday celebration we had today.

Nathan's Lightning McQueen Cake

Nathan received a Tow Mater Truck for his birthday. As you can tell, he loves it and will probably cuddle it in bed tonight!

Make a wish

"Party On!"

Who needs a fork?

Here's to another year of Nathan. His excitement for life is so infectious and I can't wait to keep watching him grow. I am so blessed to be his Mummy.