Saturday, November 29, 2008

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bear with me

I need some sympathy and writing is very cathartic for me. I have had the worst morning of my life. I decided to go the YMCA to work out. You would think that the universe would consider this a commendable endeavour and look upon me with favor but alas this was not to be. When we arrived, the boys decided they didn't want to wear their jackets anymore and I became distracted. I put my keys in my purse which is my autopilot response as to what to do with my keys. Then, in my brain that was obviously not firing on all cylinders this morning, I knew I was going into the gym where I don't take my purse so I closed the doors leaving my purse containing my keys on the front passenger seat. Result: I'm locked out. I said a word in my head that I would never say out loud.
Okay, fine. I can call Gary's cell phone from inside the gym and he will have left his work number on his answering message. No problem. Inside the gym, the woman behind the desk looks at me somewhat quizzically when I request the use of the phone. I try dialing Gary's cell but it won't let me. When I inquire as to why this is, she informs me that the phone can only dial the local area code and Gary's cell number has a different code. Why is this????? I'm not dialing long distance. I am frustrated and when I ask if there's any way around this she simply shrugs unhelpfully.
At this point I go into the bathroom to collect my thoughts and come up with another plan. I decide that I will ask the childcare staff who seem a lot nicer than the woman at the front desk if one of them has a cell phone I can borrow. Thankfully I am allowed the use of a phone which can dial any area code and I listen to Gary's message.
"Hi this is Gary, I'm not around at the moment, please leave a message." What??? As far as I knew, Gary always has several alternate numbers he can be reached at in case of need. He is the type of guy who likes to be contactable 24/7. Panic is starting to course through my veins. The childcare lady suggests that maybe their maintenance man has resourses and I should ask at the front desk. I return reluctantly to the front desk and explain my predicament and inquire if they have a maintenance person who could maybe help me out. She places a call. Sorry, he can't help. At this moment I have a deer in headlights look on my face but she is still unmoved. I have a phonebook is all she can say. They don't even have an internet connection which would give me an outside chance of finding out Gary's work number. Classified work centers are not listed in the phone book.
I once again return to the bathroom to compose myself. I finally decide that I am going to have to call a very new friend and pray that her number is listed and that she is at home. I'm not liking my chances but it's my very last plan. Her number is there and she is at home. She agrees to come and pick me up so I can use her computer at her home and call Gary to come and rescue me. This new friend is the nicest person and the relief at seeing her arrive 3 minutes after I call her is indescribable.
I feel like an idiot as we drive to her home but I am soon back to myself again due to the fact that she has an adorable Yorkie to cuddle and Gary arrives to help me get the car and go home to an endless loop of WALL-E.
On reflection, I'm sure that after all it was not the absolute worst morning of my life but it felt like it as it was happening. All 20-30 minutes of excruciating uncertainty. I've been keeping a gratitude journal this month and today my entry will definitely include gratitude for my wonderful new friend who has chosen to allow her number to be listed in the phonebook and in a few days my entries will I'm sure include gratitude for her again if I'm convinced that this episode hasn't made her conclude that I'm a lunatic.
I feel better now!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

New portrait for the mantel?

This morning I took advantage of the fact that the children were all prettied up for church and sat them down for a portrait. Since I have a good camera and I love to take pictures I don't see the point of going to a store to have pictures taken. Perhaps there is one you like better. If you have a moment please leave me a comment to let me know which is your favorite and then I will print one off for the mantelpiece. Thanks!



Saturday, November 8, 2008

Philosophy for kids

One of the kids' favorite activities is swimming. They were pretty happy to have hotel pools to swim in on the drive out here but since we moved out of the Residence Inn and into our house they haven't been swimming. That makes for about 7 weeks of no swimming. Well we recently joined the YMCA in town and so today was the day. Daddy not only promised the kids a swimming outing, he also promised me an omelet for breakfast and chocolate chip pancakes for the kids. They woke up with twice as much energy as normal and demolished a pile of pancakes and then they began to pester us without ceasing as to when we were going to go swimming. We had errands to run and we also had to wait until the afternoon as the pool was in use for lessons all morning.
The time FINALLY arrived and we had our first crisis. In order to use the very inviting slide, you have to be 48 inches tall. Leia was a couple of inches shy of the requirement and her disappointment was acute. We had just gotten over it when something else harshed our mellow. This YMCA has two pools. One for parents with children that is kept at a higher temperature and then the big pool with the slide that also has lanes open for laps. We had just entered the smaller pool and were enjoying the warmth and space when someone spotted something floating in the water. We immediately had to vacate the pool and go into the big lap pool. Gary and I didn't fancy the temperature of the large pool and so we quickly struck a deal that we would take turns in the big pool with the kids so we could each go in the hot tub.
But the kids couldn't take it in the cold pool for too long. It's colder because most people are swimming laps, and before long, Leia's lips were turning blue. So we decided to go home before the warm pool was ready for use again. More tears. We tried to be philosophical with the kids. After all, we are going to be able to come swimming now whenever we want, and presumably floating snot/blood in the pool is a rare occurrence. But whoever heard of a 7 or 5 or 3 year old who can keep things in perspective?

Monday, November 3, 2008

Oh, Spencer!

This is the attitude that my wonderful son struck when he decided he didn't want to wear the clothes I had picked out for him today. Normally I let him choose his own clothes but he tends to wear the same shirt over and over. I suppose I don't want his teachers at school thinking I don't care about my son's appearance but he can be so so stubborn. I won the fight this time but I had a rough morning. Maybe next time I'll just make sure his favorite shirt is always clean. Some battles aren't worth the effort!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

It's November and it's 75 degrees F outside.

So we decided to go hiking of course. A lady came up to us while we were out and asked if the kids were Triplets! Now we've had plenty of people ask if the boys are twins but this was a first. We laughed about that for a while.

Starting out on the trail

Leia brought along her trusty binoculars

This area is so wild and alien looking to me. I appreciate it's beauty but it's so very different from what I've been used to my whole life. Lately I've seen huge tumbleweeds bigger than basketballs blowing around the neighborhood. And then today there were all these little cactus growing along the trail. Unfortunately, Nathan was navigating some rough terrain at one point. He fell and put out his hand to break the fall and his hand came into contact with one of these things. Gary had to pick out at least 12 spines from the palm of his hand. He was none too pleased.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to live there!

Time to pose for a picture

Gary and I were chatting as we were hiking and as we passed this pond/lake I made the comment that it could be man-made. Gary thought not, and Leia said "Maybe it was girl-made".

We came across a great quarry that the kids loved. They started to pretend they were mountain lions. Nathan kept sliding as he entered the quarry. He kept saying "I'm slippering". It was very cute.

Having fun

On the way home, we passed a Wild West museum with this outside. It made me think about the Pioneers. They actually crossed the Rocky mountains in those. I can't imagine how it was done. I'm sure they had divine assistance.