Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Something for my filing cabinet in cyberspace.

A lot has certainly happened since I last wrote. Sometimes I can go months without feeling the need to write but then I HAVE to. I have been a few chapters away from finishing a novel for the past year but I haven't quite got it together to finish it. It's not even writer's block. My head is filled with ideas that just need some sort of escape route but then it all gets poured into something else like decorating my huge basement room that has stood empty for the past year and just seemed to be too sad to stay that way. We also went on vacation when my Mum came out to visit us and I became absorbed in making sure that 6 sets of clothing remained somewhat organized throughout the almost 10 day road trip.
The kids have since started school and now at 3.45pm every day I get swallowed in three sets of homework, which I somehow have to organize (my children won't organize themselves) while preparing dinner, trying to remember that I have a cub scout now, and taking care of an 18 month old who this week came down with this rather horrible throat/sinus thing that has him sounding like he's a habitual smoker.
Spencer was recently prescribed contact lenses for his Astigmatism since an eye condition he has called Nystagmus prevents glasses from really helping. I hate to imagine what his vision is with nothing - glasses can get him to 20/80 but contacts can bring him up to 20/60. This has been something which has also commandeered a large part of my brain, even keeping me up at night trying not to worry about getting them successfully on his eyes before he has to be out the door to school.
I don't even know who if anyone ever reads this blog since I've become so sporadic but I can feel the tension ebbing away as I write this and that in itself is probably the main reason I still keep a blog. Just sorting through my thoughts in a tangible way such as this helps me to stay on top of things and I can't lie - I have an element of me (quite large) that needs to be in control of my little world. Today I cleaned the house and I had to mentally force myself to stop peering at the baseboards for dust and play with Oliver. It's quite the challenge keeping that part of me in check when inevitably, having 4 children in the house will cause a few messes. I almost hyperventilated when I went downstairs this afternoon and found most of the cushions of my new sofa on the floor arranged into a fort.
The reason I turned here this evening was just life really. Gary had a work meeting and couldn't get home until around 6pm and 4-6pm are the busiest time of the day for me. Spencer was having a hard time with a piece of math homework. Isn't it always math? He was crying, begging for help and then loudly arguing that 3 quarters added up to 70 cents and nothing I could say made a difference. Oliver was crying the entire time with his pitiful little hoarse voice and Nathan was downstairs removing the couch cushions. I was also trying to prevent a pan of rice from becoming the most inedible thing I have ever cooked. I wrote Spencer's teacher an interesting email I hope he will put down to a momentary lapse of sanity and almost headed to the corner to assume the fetal position.
So here I am listening loudly to Nadia Ali while I just exorcise the demons. I think I need Dumbledore's Pensieve.

So Leia also has an Astigmatism. She thankfully is happy to have glasses and is able to see a noticeable difference when she wears them.

The new family room is a great place to read at bedtime. This is what I can happily say is now taking place as I have this minute to myself.

The cabinet I now have to put my old books in. No more 120 year old copies of Great Expectations by Charles Dickens getting their covers ripped off any more!

The cool photo of the London Eye I got for my wall. I took the exact same view myself when I was there in March only this one I found online is way better. It has atmosphere and mine just looked dull.

Us on holiday. We were having a lovely time. I thought getting the kids back to school was my Utopia but looking back I miss those lazy days of Summer. Well...a little bit!